The World's Coolest Collection of Folding Drinking straws!

The Last Straw!

Get your logo on the amazing folding reusable drinking straw. The folding straw is the final straw you will ever need.Free shipping on all orders plus a free 4 color logo. Perfect for trade shows, corporate giveaways, promotional products or business swag. View prices. 

folding reusable last straw final straw for promotional products and logo


Get your business or event logo on them or get them blank! Folding, reusable eco-friendly drinking straws!

The folding, reusable, drinking straw is a 2020 Top Seller at  both retail and for promotional product marketing. Now you can order your folding, reusable, drinking straws direct from the factory! Save money, get them fast. Call-1-888-880 2714 or email Sam.

The Silicone Folding Reusable Drinking Straw

The latest in sucking technology. Get them logo’d or order them with your customized retail packaging. Create your own brand on these unique silicone folding reusable eco-friendly drinking straws. View product.

folding reusable drinking straw

The Eco Friendly alternative

Save The Planet – Promote Your Brand!

The world is in crisis and anything we can do to reduce one time use plastic in the trash stream is a positive step towards a better, healthier planet.

This is a point in history where those companies that align their brand with the need for a more eco-friendly planet will succeed over those companies that do not get on board! There is nothing more poignant to put your logo on than any of our eco-active folding, reusable drinking straws. Call us at 1-888-880-2714 or email Sam.

The Turtle Video That Changed The World – Disturbing Images – Not Suitable For All!

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Get your folding drinking straws direct from the factory!

We deliver high quality, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed folding, reusable drinking straws direct to you from our factory. Shipping, 4 color logo and all duties and taxes are FREE!

Call to speak live customer support, 1-888-880-2714 or e-mail Sam.

Telescoping stainless steel drinking straw!

Get your logo on the stainless steel telescopic drinking straw. Also available in retail-ready packaging .

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The Bamboo Fiber Case Folding Drinking Straw!

Innovate or die! We create some of the best ideas in folding drinking straw technology. The case is made of a hybrid bamboo fiber. Inside the amazing case is a stainless steel telescopic, reusable, eco-friendly drinking straw. View product and prices.

100% Eco Friendly -100% customer satisfaction!

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