How does a folding drinking straw work?

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What is a folding reusable drinking straw?

The collapsible drinking straw is all the rage, but what is it and how does it work?

Unless you have been living under a rock the past 6 months, you have seen in the news from around the world that all types of 1 time use plastics are being banned. In fact major cities including Seattle and Vancouver have outlawed plastic drinking straws, making their use an illegal offence!

Green eco bags have been around for a while now but the ban on over 1 billion per year plastic straws caught many in the promo world unawares. However, trend setter we caught the idea early and came out with the Last Straw. The Last Straw is designed for both retailers adn promotional product users. We wholesale direct to retail or can provide you wth a version complete with your logo on it.

blue folding reusable collapsible drinking straw
blue folding reusable collapsible drinking straw

The next big trend is identified and it’s the folding reusable drinking straw.

The folding reusable drinking straw could easily outstrip the fidget spinner in popularity. The reasons are simple.

Cities and states are moving to ban plastic drinking straws. Major cities like Vancouver and Seattle have outright banned the plastic straw. The UK has outlawed all plastic straws and other European countries consider the same.

The Last Straw, the world’s first collapsible, reusable drinking straw for your logo. Clean, compact, and totally awesome: for any business that wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.


Cities and countries ban one-time use disposable straws.

Read about cities and companies banning straws including McDonalds!

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black folding reusable collapsible drinking straw
black folding reusable collapsible drinking straw

It started with a Turtle Video

This all started with a Turtle video. The storyline is simple: ecologists and scientists working in Costa Rica come across a Turtle in distress. They pull it aboard and find a plastic straw stuck in its nose. WARNING: Video has disturbing images.

starbucks folding reusable drinking straw
starbucks folding reusable drinking straw


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Last Straw packaging. Folding reusable drinking straw. - Copy
Last Straw packaging. Folding reusable drinking straw. – Copy

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