Final Straw

The Turtle video that shook the world. Over 30 million people have viewed this video. The video that started the world-wide movement to ban plastic 1 time use drinking straws.

The final straw in our planet’s environmental health may come from the one-time use drinking straw.

National Geographic estimates that nearly 500 million one time disposable drinking straw are used each and every day. With each straw taking upwards of 150 years to degrade it’s easy to see that the one-time use drinking straw is a major environmental culprit.

The one-time use drinking Straw may not be the worst pollution issue we have but it has become the poster child for environmental change. Why is that?

As the old saying goes, “from little acorns grown great oak trees” , so goes our awareness of issues that ultimately lead to change.

In 1955 Rosa Parks being forced off a public bus for refusing to give up her seat to a white man lead to the civil rights movement.

In 2018 the video of a sea turtle having a inhaled a one-time use drinking straw into its nose and having scientists remove it launched the movement to ban drinking straws.

Caution: May disturb some viewers!

Lot’s of great new ideas to replace the one time use drinking straw.

As expected, people started to see how the single-sue straw could be replaced and how you show your support for the environment. Along came these folding straw ideas.

The purpose of the folding, collapsible, reusable drinking straw is to obviously replace the single use straw but’s importance is also in messaging.

If you are a business and are looking to align your brand with the environmental movement there are few better ways to show you care than to get your business or event logo on a folding drinking straw.

Show your customer, clients and prospective clients and customers that you care. Get your logo on a folding drinking straw. It will be the final straw you will need.

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