Marketing Ideas in Covid Era

folding reusable drinking straw

How to Succeed in Business During Covid-19 By now, it is apparent that the corona virus, Covid-19, is not going to just “miraculously disappear”. In fact, a good argument can be made to say that the virus is not only here for a good while longer but perhaps is here to stay in some as of […]

Covid age marketing

marketing during covid 19

Fitness marketing in the age of Covid-19. In the late winter and early spring and for the forseeable future of 2020 the world and our places in this world have changed, perhaps forever. 6 Months ago most of us in the fitness world were going along with our business. Growth in the industry and innovation […]

How to market during corona virus

how to market your fitness and health business during covid-19 corona virus era

Marketing is in a great state of upheaval these days and today we came across a great video blog post about how to market during Covid.

Corona Virus

folding reusable stainless steel drinking strawfolding reusable drinking straw protects against corona virus

Using a reusable folding collapsible drinking straw reduces the risk of Corona Virus transmission. It’s always interesting how things work. 2 totally seemingly unrelated issues and ideas can merge together to create on dynamic force. Who knew. What I am referring to is the eco-friendly reusable folding drinking straw and the emerging Corona Virus. The […]

World’s Best Phone Grips

World’s Best Phone Grips. Welcome to the the world’s best collection of smartphone stand, cellphone grips and phone socket stands for trade shows and business marketing. Promotional Product Direct of Seattle Washington is pleased to announce the launch of their new online store Grip- Phone Socket Stand. This store is designed to bring together, under […]

promotional product folding drinking straw

get your logo on a folding collapsible reusable drinking strawBlue folding drinking straw for wholesale bulk | Folding Drinking Straw | Wholesale Retail | Inexpensive Folding Straw | The Last Straw | The final straw you will ever need.

Can a folding collapsible drinking straw be a promotional product? What defines a promotional product. What unique characteristics makes a regular product a promotional product? There are many differing definitions to be found online as to what and what does not constitute what makes a product a promotional product. In fact the wikipedia definition goes into great […]

Final Straw

The Turtle video that shook the world. Over 30 million people have viewed this video. The video that started the world-wide movement to ban plastic 1 time use drinking straws.

The one-time use drinking Straw may not be the worst pollution issue we have but it has become the poster child for environmental change. Why is that?