Last Straw Video. Turtle with drinking straw stuck in its nose.

The Turtle video that shook the world.

Over 30 million people have viewed this video. The video that started the world-wide movement to ban plastic 1 time use drinking straws.

The video that moved the world to ban plastic straws is an 8 minute, heartwrenching disturbing video that has been viewed by over 33 million people and counting. We have shortened this video and tied it into the Last Straw. The collapsible folding drinking straw.

Last Straw is Now Available!

Last Straw. The folding, collapsible, reusable, stainless steel drinking straw is out to save the planet from wasteful and harmful single-use, disposable plastic straws.

Cities, countries and business from around the globe are banning the sale and use of disposable drinking straws. Corporate giants like Starbucks and McDonalds along with cities such as Seattle and Vancouver have all moved to ban and eliminate the plstic disposable drinking straw. Whole countries including the United Kingdom (U.K.) have also banned straws.

Last Straw is the folding reusable straw specifically for retail and corporate wholesale.

folding collapsible resuable stainless steel drinking drinking straw

folding collapsible resuable stainless steel drinking drinking straw