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Covid age marketing

marketing during covid 19

Fitness marketing in the age of Covid-19. In the late winter and early spring and for the forseeable future of 2020 the world and our places in this world have changed, perhaps forever. 6 Months ago most of us in the fitness world were going along with our business. Growth in the industry and innovation […]

How to market during corona virus

how to market your fitness and health business during covid-19 corona virus era

Marketing is in a great state of upheaval these days and today we came across a great video blog post about how to market during Covid.

Corona Virus

folding reusable stainless steel drinking strawfolding reusable drinking straw protects against corona virus

Using a reusable folding collapsible drinking straw reduces the risk of Corona Virus transmission. It’s always interesting how things work. 2 totally seemingly unrelated issues and ideas can merge together to create on dynamic force. Who knew. What I am referring to is the eco-friendly reusable folding drinking straw and the emerging Corona Virus. The […]