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Final Straw

The Turtle video that shook the world. Over 30 million people have viewed this video. The video that started the world-wide movement to ban plastic 1 time use drinking straws.

The one-time use drinking Straw may not be the worst pollution issue we have but it has become the poster child for environmental change. Why is that?

How does a folding drinking straw work?

Folding Drinking Straw | Wholesale Retail | Inexpensive Folding Straw | The Last Straw | The final straw you will ever need.

What is a folding reusable drinking straw? The collapsible drinking straw is all the rage, but what is it and how does it work? Unless you have been living under a rock the past 6 months, you have seen in the news from around the world that all types of 1 time use plastics are […]

Folding Straws for Retail

starbucks folding reusable drinking straw

The Health and Wellness industry goes crazy for the Folding Drinking Straw Retail Racks up Triple Digit Margins with The Last Straw. The health and wellness retail industry is racking up triple digit margins with the folding drinking straw, The Last Straw.  Perfect as a checkout counter impulse buy the folding LAST STRAW has be […]